the start of a new life: the custom stamp - my freedom stamp


While discovering Tel Aviv I accidentally stumbled into this amazing little stamp workshop called „Gottesgnade“. The name might sounds a little wired for Germans but it is the grandfather’s name of the today’s owner. The family now runs the store in third generation and they are selling all those vintage stamps from Israel as well as the merchandise from those days when stamps were still made by hand… It was a pleasure to discover all those things although except for decoration I had no idea what to do with those things. So without buying anything I left the shop. But later that day while browsing through Tel Aviv I had the idea of having my own stamp made by them:


Maybe with the exception of Europe, when entering a foreign country you have to cross a border, where, as a proof of entry, you get an entry stamp in your passport. A border implies a boundary of something. Crossing the border means that you are leaving that boundary behind you. But at the same time, you are also entering another country. So as you are crossing the border you leave things behind and start into something new. It is something like a recommencement. Sometimes it even can be seen as entering into freedom (Think for example of a political refugee entering into a safe country like Germany). The custom stamp you get when crossing the border is a proof of the entry into the new. It is a sign of recommencement, maybe even a sign of freedom.


With that idea in mind and inspired by the traditional Israeli custom stamp I spend a whole night sitting in my favorite bohemian like coffee place in Tel Aviv creating my very own custom stamp. The stamp is a signature of my new life. The words Entry and Life are standing for themselves. I entered my personal new life on the 22 of February 2014. Furthermore as a clear symbol of freedom I added the bird. The freedom I gained. Because I started my journey here in Israel I had my new motto translated and written in Hebrew: It says: Hungry, Awake and Crazy Enough.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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